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Hydrophilic Bentonite for in-situ concrete



 A flexible butyl rubber and swellable clay waterproofing compound that swells upon contact with water to form a long-lasting compression seal in non-moving concrete joints. HYPER STOP requires a2-inch minmum clear coverage from the face of the concrete. HYPER STOP is used primarily for foundation wall slabs, slabs-on-grade, precast wall panels, manholes, pipe connections, box culverts, utility and burial valurial valuts, wet wells, and portable water tanks.




Easy to install by bonding or nailing or into joint face. Factory made connectors enable full integration of swellable and exciting waterstop networks. Swelling properties uneffected by long term wet/dry cycling. Sustains effective seal in wet conditions.



HYPER STOP is high performance hydrophilic bentonite waterstop. HYPER STOP is made high performance modified bentonite strips. The swelling action is the result between waterstop creates a positive seal against the face of the concrete joint and prevents the water entry into the structure though protected joint.

Technical support


 Provides a technical advisory service for on-site assistance and device on curning membrane selection, evalulation trials dispensing equipment. Technical date and guidance can be provided for HYPER STOP and other products for in the construction.

Application instruction


 The waterstop may be installed either into a groove cast in the concrete or directly onto the concrete surface. Full application instructions, including the use of the ancillary products, are contained in a separate application leaflet which is available on request.

 Application method & Installation Photograph

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